Medical Billing Company

Medical Billing Company

Does your office team struggle to keep up with an ever-growing amount of insurance and direct patient billing? If so, it’s time for you to think about hiring a medical billing company. Keep reading to learn more about how CPa Medical Billing can assist you in growing your medical practice.

Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

Why should you give control of your patient billing to an outside company? That’s an honest question, and it’s certainly one that most of our clients ask when they first contact us for help. Follow along, and we’ll explain why we think that outsourcing makes sense for many medical practices.

The truth is that you didn’t go into medicine to spend all of your time chasing down insurance claims and patient payments. You opened your medical practice to give your patients the most exceptional possible medical care. To deliver that high level of care, you need to be able to focus all of your office’s attention on providing top-notch healthcare services to every patient.

Outsourcing your medical billing operations makes sense when you get to the point that your office team can no longer provide the ultimate in patient care while also taking care of billing. Happily, you can choose to focus solely on patient care by off-loading your patient billing responsibilities to a medical billing company.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Your practice will experience significant benefits when you choose to contract with a company like CPa Medical Billing. Examples of the perks that come along with using the services of a company that specializes in medical billing include:

  • Professional medical coding and billing that meets all of the current government and insurance rules and regulations.
  • Active monitoring of patient accounts to ensure collection of all payments due.
  • Increase in revenue due to effective collection techniques.
  • Reduce your office overhead since you won’t need to handle billing in-house.
  • Free your team to focus on healthcare instead of bill processing.

Are you interested in learning more about why outsourcing your medical billing makes sense? Contact us at CPa Medical Billing for a no-obligation chat.

There’s no arguing that there are significant perks to outsourcing your medical billing. Let’s move on to some of the services that you can anticipate when you hire CPa Medical Billing.

What to Expect From a Medical Billing Company

What services can you expect when you hire a company such as CPa Medical Billing? Unlike some billing firms that only perform necessary billing and bookkeeping functions, our company provides a full roster of services to help you control the financial side of your practice. Read on to discover some of the ways that we’ll help your medical practice to stay in business so that you can continue to heal your patients.

Patient Billing

You can rely on us to handle all aspects of your patient billing. Our medical billing experts specialize in both insurance providers and direct patient billing. The rules and regulations surrounding medical billing are continually changing, and we make it our mission to stay informed on everything having to do with physician billing.

It’s vital to maintain strong working relationships with public and private insurance providers. We know that some of the surest ways to get your insurance claims paid promptly are:

  • Submit accurate claims
  • Communicate with insurance providers
  • Verify patient insurance information
  • Obtain preauthorizations
  • Handle appeals

Along with insurance billing, our billing professionals also excel at direct patient billing. We know that a key to achieving a high on-time payment rate is sending an understandable bill to your patients. Once the billing statement goes to the patient, we’ll monitor the payment status and send reminder statements as necessary.

Unfortunately, sometimes, despite our billing reminders, some patients do not pay their bills on time. Failure to collect payment isn’t acceptable to us as we know that your practice relies on receiving payment for your services. We do our best to assure you that you’ll receive as much of the overdue amount as possible by working closely with a trusted collections agency.

Contact CPa Medical Billing for complete information about how we make sure that your patient billing process operates smoothly.

Additional Financial Assistance

Running your medical practice is exhausting work. You shouldn’t have to use your valuable time searching for multiple financial professionals to handle the money part of your business. Fortunately, CPa Medical Billing is a complete medical billing company, and we offer our clients a wide variety of services to help them manage the numbers part of their practice.

Our firm partners with The Professional Associates to offer the kind of financial reporting help that only experienced professionals can provide. Look to us for help with everything from bookkeeping to accounting and auditing services. What’s more, we’ll make sure that you have all of the up-to-the-minute information that you need to manage your expenses.

No one enjoys paying taxes, but meeting your tax obligations is a fundamental part of owning your medical practice. We provide extensive tax planning and preparation assistance so that you won’t pay more money in taxes than necessary. Rest assured that we’ll give you professional representation if the Internal Revenue Service decides to question your tax return.

Would you like some advice on meeting your business goals? CPa Medical Billing has years of experience in helping our clients identify and achieve their business goals. Our controller services include professional help with essential functions such as creating a monthly cash-flow plan and operating budget. We’ll help you to deeply analyze how well your practice works and where it can improve in meeting your goals.

Contact us to explore how our complete financial services can help you meet your business goals.

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CPa Medical Billing promises to give you the financial service expertise necessary for your practice to reach its full potential. As a complete medical billing company, we have the experience and up-to-date knowledge to improve your current cash flow while also helping you to plan for the future growth of your medical practice.

Contact us at CPa Medical Billing for straight-forward assistance with all of your medical billing requirements today.

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