Medical Billing Solutions

When searching for the best medical billing solutions for your practice’s billing needs, remember that there isn’t one option to fit everyone. Positioning yourself for success means finding just the right choice for your specific practice. Whether you have one provider or 100, you deserve excellent service and expert care.

The hassle of handling their medical billing is one of the top reasons providers decide to de-credential from all insurance or, even worse, quit their practice. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t do what you love because you are stuck with your medical billing needs. Outsourcing this piece may be just what your business needs.

At CPa Medical Billing, we partner with you to determine the best choice for streamlining your billing obligations. Think of us as your financial health provider. Our options cover the totality of the medical billing process, from revenue cycle management to taxes.

Unlike some national billing companies, CPa Medical Billing is a privately-owned company with a heart for customer service. We aim to give our clients the best possible medical billing solution with the highest level of service around. We design solutions that are accurate, efficient, and result in quick payments for you.

Medical Billing Solutions for Revenue Cycle Management

With some companies, the term “management” can be a bit nebulous. They may “manage” to send you a bill for their services each month without doing much of anything else. This is not true for us at CPa Medical Billing.

When we say that we offer Revenue Cycle Management services, we mean that we handle the entire process. From front to back and back to front, there is no facet of the revenue cycle that we don’t address.

Our highly-trained and professional staff handles all incoming patient communication. Can you imagine how much time your team will regain just from removing that task from their plate? And this piece is only the beginning of what CPa Medical Billing can do for you.

As your financial health provider, we have built an industry-leading team that is ready to become your offsite billing department. Our services include:

  • Charge capture
  • Claims, editing, processing, and submission with follow-up
  • Customized reports by the week and month
  • Certified coders who are ICD-10 compliant
  • Statement billing, along with necessary follow-up
  • Posting and adjusting of payments
  • Management of denials and appeals
  • Collections management
  • Pre-authorization and verification of insurance
  • Overview of patient call center, patient inquiries, and appointment confirmation

In addition to all of these services, CPa Medical Billing provides extensive executive and financial reporting. These monthly reports keep you in the loop with the medical billing solutions you choose. Our services help you transform your practice into a streamlined office that boosts your bottom line.


Another area of worry for many practices is the process of staying up-to-date on their insurance credentialing. One of the most popular pieces of our medical billing solutions is that we are your go-to for all things credentialing.

We know you have better things to do than to work through all the minutia and keep up with the latest insurance regulations and changes. Your time is more valuable when serving patients, and that is precisely why we offer our credentialing services.

CPa Medical Billing will take care of all the administrative aspects of the credential process. We take time to understand your needs, and we work with your network and insurance carriers. Our medical credentialing services will handle every aspect of the process:

  • paperwork completion
  • form submission
  • follow-up, as needed

Any credentialing service worth your investment must include working with Medicare. CPa Medical Billing has experts in the Medicare program who stay current with all updates to ensure that you are adhering to every guideline. We make sure your office stays compliant and is aware of any additional incentive offers from Medicare or Medicaid.

With comprehensive credentialing and paneling services, CPa is the go-to company to meet your needs.


If your office does not have a compliance program in place, you are not alone. However, it is an important area that needs your focus and attention. In recent years, organizations such as the Healthcare Compliance Internal Resources developed programs that can help your practice maintain its compliance.

Having a program in place is sort of like practicing what you preach. You want your patients to take their medicine and follow through on tests. If they choose to ignore your advice, then they may set themselves up for much more severe health issues in the future.

Your medical office is in the same boat when it comes to compliance. If you do not have a program in place, and an audit pops up, it could cost your practice significant money and time. If your practice does not have a compliance program in place, CPa Medical Billing can help you develop and implement one. You will appreciate the protection that a CPa Medical Billing solution can offer you.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax services

Medical professionals often overlook the need to keep track of all the financials in the medical billing process. The experts at CPa Medical Billing work with our partners at The Professional Associates to provide many necessary financial services for your practice. With this piece of our medical billing solutions, you can be confident in your systems.

When you work with CPa Medical Billing, you can choose from any number of fantastic client services. With a highly-trained expert team and a vast referral network, we have you covered.

CPa Medical Billing client services include, among others:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Tax planning, preparation, and IRS support
  • Financial projections and forecasts,
  • Help with cash flow analysis and budgeting
  • Assistance in choosing and implementing accounting software

The Freedom of Outsourcing

You are in the medical field because you want to help heal your fellow humans. You are not in it so that you can spend several days a week on medical billing. As luck would have it, however, we excel at the medical billing part of healthcare.

It’s an honor to take this burden from you so that you can focus on your patients. You will be a calmer and more present provider once you decide to outsource your billing to CPa Medical Billing. Call us today to find the perfect package to meet your needs.

COVID-19 revenue slumps makes medical billing more likely to be outsourced