The Medical Billing at Your Practice

Are you ready to talk about the big pink elephant in the room?  For some reason the revenue cycle discussion tends to to be an uncomfortable topic and therefore is swept under the rug.  But why?

At one time or another, you’ve probably asked yourself:

    • “Are we losing money that our practice should be capturing?”
    • “Is there an easier way to manage my administrative team?”
    • “Is our billing department as good as we think they are?”
    • “Is it time to out-source our billing?”

At minimum, you’ve most likely wondered about the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-house team or current vendor.

The medical billing and collections operations at your practice is the most important piece of the puzzle, second only to patient care.  It is also the most complex.  Even when your revenue cycle appears to be running well, you may not be maximizing the full potential of revenue that you practice can generate.  Your revenue cycle dictates your financial health and ability to grow.  

If you’d like to learn about why practices choose to outsource, please contact us!  We’ll kick that elephant out and have a discussion about billing solutions for your practice!

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