Medical Billing Services

CPa Medical Billing shares the perks of outsourcing your medical billing services. Outsource your billing needs and watch your practice flourish.

Outsourcing the medical billing part of your practice gives every member of your team time to focus on patient care. Successful medical offices understand that they’ll thrive when they put building strong relationships with patients above everything else. Follow along to find out how our medical billing services will help you to concentrate on your patients.

Insurance Providers

There’s no hiding from the fact that you must successfully work with a variety of public and private insurance providers if you want to grow your medical practice. Along with working with a wide range of health insurance providers, your office staff must also understand how the intricacies of numerous individual and corporate insurance plans impact patient care. It takes an experienced insurance claim specialist to stay current on the vast details involved in filing a claim.

The claims experts at CPa Medical Billing take pride in our ability to manage your insurance billing. You can depend on us to pursue insurance claims until successful completion, even if the success comes after numerous appeals. Our high-level of service pays off with a high-rate of insurance reimbursement success. We use our expertise in medical billing services to make sure that you receive payment for your services.

Insurance pre-authorization is an example of one of the steps that we take to make sure that your insurance claim stands a terrific chance of succeeding. Along with the fact that it is essential to inform the insurer of a costly test or procedure in advance, the pre-authorization process also gives your patient confidence to proceed with necessary medical work.

Patient Billing

When you became a doctor, you probably never imagined how much time you’d need to devote to billing patients for your services. Even though you want your main focus to be about healing your patients, your practice must have sufficient revenue to remain in business. Valid patient billing is essential to the survival of your business.

How much time does your office staff spend completing patient bills? Chances are, your team spends a fair amount of time on billing. What’s more, do you worry that your patients have unanswered questions regarding their bill that your staff doesn’t have sufficient time and knowledge to answer?

You can forget those concerns because one of the terrific benefits of outsourcing your patient billing to a medical billing company is that your office staff can turn their attention away from invoices and toward improving patient relationships. Indeed, when you allow a professional billing expert to handle the entire billing process, you’ll find that everyone in your practice can focus on delivering a top-notch healthcare experience to all of your patients.


One of the sad effects of our multi-layered and costly healthcare system is that patients often struggle to pay their bills. We assist your patients by tracking each billing statement so that we can send reminders of overdue bills to them. Our patient call center also excels at helping individuals to understand the billing statements so that they can arrange payment.

Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to use the services of a professional collections agency to obtain payment. You can rely on us to oversee the overdue payment collections process so that you’ll receive the most amount of money possible.

Healthcare Compliance Assistance

There are a mind-boggling number of rules and regulations that your practice must follow in such areas as patient privacy and billing. Staying in compliance with the law is critical to the future of your medical practice. Fortunately, assisting with compliance issues is one of the medical billing services that CPa Medical Billing provides.

Since compliance begins in the medical office, we’ll take the time to train your office staff on the best compliance practices. We make it our business to stay fully current on the ever-changing governmental laws governing healthcare. Our compliance team will help you to implement a compliance plan, perform internal audits, and continue to improve your practice.

Revenue Management

Do you ever wake up sweating in the middle of the night, worried that you won’t be able to make payroll if your medicare reimbursement doesn’t come soon? Every business owner has nightmares over money at some point. Still, you can reduce your revenue related stress when you hire an outside company to handle all of your medical billing needs. Relax and let our billing and claim experts bring well-earned funds into your practice.

Track Insurance Claims

One of the most obvious ways to raise your cash flow is to obtain payments from public and private insurance providers successfully. Our claims specialist achieves this by:

  • Accurately coding and filing claims with public and private insurance providers
  • Following the application through completion
  • Appealing insurance claims denials

Handle Direct Billing

Financially successful medical offices don’t allow patient bills to go unpaid. You can increase the number of completed payments when you turn the billing process over to a dedicated billing specialist. The billing professional manages the patient billing process by completing the following tasks:

  • Create accurate patient billing statements
  • Track payments
  • Communicate with patients
  • Send overdue payment notices
  • Manage collections

Our goal in direct billing is to make sure that you receive payments as quickly as possible. By keeping a consistent eye on every single patient account, our billing team has an exceptional record of receiving on-time payments.

Provide Revenue Reports

Perhaps the surest way to reduce your stress level regarding your medical practice finances is to know where you stand at all times. An outside medical billing company, like CPa Medical Billing, designs customized weekly and monthly revenue reports to keep you up-to-date on the status of your claims and direct billings.

Unlike medical billing companies that give you financial numbers without context, CPa Medical Billing provides a complete range of financial services. From basic bookkeeping to tax form preparation and sophisticated accounting advice, our partnership with The Professional Associates makes sure that you have all of the money data that you need to help your medical practice to thrive.

Read here for more information about our complete array of financial services.

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If you want your practice to flourish, you have to control your medical billing process. With the increasingly intricate rules concerning patient billing and claims to public and private insurance providers, it’s an excellent decision to outsource your medical billing services.

Contact us at CPa Medical Billing, and we’ll show you how allowing us to handle your billing will give you the time to make your practice soar.

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