Medical Billing Specialist

medical billing specialist is key to financial stability in your practice. There’s no doubt that your ability to continue caring for your patients rests on receiving timely payments for your service. Let’s look at why you should consider outsourcing this essential job to a medical billing company.

Why Choose A Specialist

Who is responsible for the medical billing in your office? If your practice is like so many practices in the United States, your billing person performs numerous other tasks throughout the day. While multi-tasking is helpful to the overall running of the office, it’s not the best way to handle your billing operations.

The medical offices that generate profit are those that get paid for their work. Medical billing isn’t as straightforward as merely writing an invoice, sending it to the patient, and receiving prompt payment. No, it takes a highly-skilled professional to help navigate through the complex world of healthcare billing.

One thing that financially viable medical practices typically have in common is that they have a medical billing specialist who focuses solely on managing patient billing. You’ll find that patient accounts are much less likely to go unpaid when a specialist keeps track of payments. Indeed, relying on a medical billing specialist to focus on obtaining payment for your services is a proven way to increase your office revenue.

Why Outsource Your Billing

Now you know why putting your patient billing in the hands of an experienced billing expert makes smart business sense. At this point, we’re going to recommend further that you outsource your billing operations to a professional medical billing company like CPa Medical Billing.

There are so many reasons why outsourcing your billing needs is a terrific decision. For one thing, you should focus all of your energy on providing fantastic healthcare to your patients. Your team can entirely focus on delivering exceptional patient care when you outsource. Let our experts handle all the billing details so that you can concentrate on expanding your medical practice.

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Professional Medical Billing

The professional billing specialist handles all aspects of medical billing in all parts of our ever-changing healthcare system. Staying up-to-date on everything related to billing and health insurance claims is vital. For example, everything that you want to submit in a claim application to an insurance provider must contain accurate coding, and the codes vary depending on such things as location and insurance provider. Inaccurate coding causes public and private insurers to delay and deny payments on claims.

Read on to learn more about what a billing expert can do for your practice.

Insurance Claims

A considerable part of the billing process involves filing claims to receive payment from insurance providers. Working with the numerous insurance companies and healthcare plans available today is a challenge. Here are some examples of what you can expect your billing professional to do to accomplish a high rate of insurance claims approvals.

  • Code electronic patient information for insurance claims
  • Submit claims to public and private insurance providers
  • Communicate with the provider throughout the claims process
  • Handle claims appeals
  • Obtain preauthorizations for patient procedures and tests

As you can see, a busy medical practice needs a billing professional who knows the ins and outs of claims so that the claims process runs smoothly. Read here for more information on how CPa Medical Billing will manage your insurance claims needs.

Patient Billing

Although many of your patients do have health insurance, you still face a significant amount of direct patient billing. Keep in mind that medical bills are a source of stress to many of your patients, and poorly handled patient billing can result in a loss of patients. The good news is that expert medical billing specialists know how to communicate with individuals about their billing obligations.

Gathering the necessary patient billing information is fundamental to successful medical billing. CPa Medical Billing will help your office team to set up a system that guarantees that we quickly receive all of the charging information that we need to begin the billing process. The key to fast payment is fast billing, and we excel at sending out accurate statements that get quick results.

One of the simplest ways to inspire your patients to pay their bills on time is to keep them informed about what they owe. We start by providing accurate, detailed billing statements to your patients. Our patient call center makes it easy for your patients to find out the answers to their billing questions.

An unpaid bill can make the difference between your ability to make your payments on time. We know that collecting outstanding monies is vital to the growth of your practice, and we use a sophisticated computer system to track patient accounts. By monitoring patient payments, we can keep on top of overdue accounts and send out timely reminders.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we need to pursue payment through a collections agency. Don’t worry that your medical billing specialist will throw the account to a collections agency and forget about it. We believe that it’s our responsibility to make sure that you receive as much money as possible, and we’ll stay involved with the collections until you receive the final payment.

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You undoubtedly had many dreams when you began your practice. Don’t worry if the hard work behind medical billing feels so overwhelming that you fear that your patient care will suffer. You can realize your professional goals when you choose to outsource your invoice needs to a medical billing specialist.

CPa Medical Billing has a team of billing experts who are eager to handle all of your insurance and patient billing challenges. We’re a small company that understands how vital it is to your business that we successfully manage your medical billing needs. Contact us today to embrace the power that our experienced billing experts have to help your practice thrive.

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