Medical Coding & Coding Audit Services

CPa Medical Billing (CPaMB), a GeBBS Healthcare company, offers experienced medical coding and coding audit services. Our clients benefit by getting personalized, quality services that is beyond comparison.

Medical Coding & Coding Audits

Medical Coding

At CPa Medical Billing, we understand the unique challenges faced by Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) when it comes to medical coding. With our comprehensive medical coding solutions tailored specifically for the FQHC market, we help you optimize revenue, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Trust our expertise to transform your coding processes, leaving you free to focus on what matters
most – providing high-quality healthcare to your community.

Our medical coding services includes an experienced team of AHIMA and AAPC certified and specialized professionals who are adept in the latest ICD-10 codes. Whether your needs are FQHC medical coding, inpatient medical coding, outpatient medical coding, or HCC coding, we're ready to serve your needs. Using proprietary technology, we identify errors, reduce compliance risk, improve quality assurance processes, and discover financial opportunity to streamline coding workflows.

  • AHIMA/AAPC certified coders
  • Experienced in inpatient, outpatient, professional fee (pro-fee), and HCC coding
  • Highly scalable solutions for all patient volumes without the hassle of modifying your workforce
  • Delivery solutions with a focus on cost containment, compliance, denial prevention, and accurate reimbursement
  • Real-time reporting on coding process

Coding Audits

FQHCs and other healthcare providers face profound challenges of meeting revenue goals without compromising quality and regulatory compliance. CPa Medical Billing has an expert team of credentialed auditors ready to help both payers and providers meet regulatory CMS, AMA, AHIMA, and AHA standards. We provide a detailed and customized compliance report outlining our findings on how to improve coding accuracy, clinical documentation, and reimbursement levels. Our team of certified CDI experts provides you with a thorough data analysis, which helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program.

  • Improved compliance, reduced denials, and optimized revenue through pre-bill capture and accurate claims
  • Better evidence-based decision making through analytics with our interactive audit management dashboard, detailed scorecards, and robust reporting
  • Interim or permanent CDI staffing for short-term or long-term, project-based, or new program implementations
  • Physician education driven reporting helping provider networks maximize revenue

Contact us today to discuss how our medical coding solutions can help your FQHC enhance revenue, optimize operations, and ensure compliance. Let us be your coding and coding audit partner, empowering you to deliver exceptional care to your community.

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