National Medical Billing Services

You’ve decided to outsource your medical billing operations. Now you need to choose the billing company that you want to handle all of your patient billing. Let us tell you why you should focus your search on national medical billing services.

Potential Problems of Going International

Did you know that international medical billing firms are operating in the United States? While many of these corporations are legitimate and do excellent work, you should be cautious about hiring one to handle your billing needs. According to Becker’s ASC Review, there are significant concerns associated with international medical billing firms doing business in the United States.

Some of the significant red flags fall into these two areas:

Patient Privacy

HIPAA regulations strictly govern patient privacy in billing matters. Foreign firms might not protect patient privacy to the extent demanded in the United States. Many of the overseas billing companies do business in places like China, India, and Vietnam, and their laws regarding the use of private data are not equal to that in our country.

Ultimately, you will pay the price for any breaches of patient privacy. Do you want to hope for the best by hiring an overseas billing company or go with a national medical billing services firm that understands and follows patient privacy laws?

Patient Call Center Difficulties

One of the primary benefits that come with outsourcing your medical billing tasks is the ability of your patients to contact a patient call center. Patients often have questions regarding their insurance coverage and billing statements, and they rely on the patient call center for competent answers. It’s not unusual for overseas call centers to struggle in communicating with patients in the United States.

Benefits of National Medical Billing Services

You should think twice before you contract with an international medical billing service. Happily, there are many powerful perks that you’ll receive when you partner with a top-notch billing company located in the United States. Follow along to discover some of the top reasons to hire a company like CPa Medical Billing to make sure that you get paid for your medical services.

Billing Professionals

Billing for your services is crucial to the future of your practice. You must not allow an untrained, anonymous person to handle the job. Your medical billing specialist at our company won’t be a stranger to you, and you can be confident that they know the business of medical billing.

A major perk of working with us is that our billing staff is outstanding in everything having to do with insurance coding and billing. We know that on-time payments are the life bread of your practice, and we’ll do everything within our power to obtain them.

No one needs to remind you of how complicated healthcare billing is in our country. With such things as public and private insurance, multiple payers, and direct patient billing to consider, it’s no wonder that experienced billing professionals are in high demand.

You count on your medical billing company to excel in the areas of public and private insurance claims and direct patient billing. There isn’t room for error in any of these areas if your medical practice is to flourish. CPa Medical Billing guarantees that we’ll smoothly handle all types of patient billing so that you can depend on steady cash flow.

We also help to ensure your cash flow through our patient call center. Experience shows us that your patients are far more likely to pay their bills on time if they can talk to us about their insurance coverage and other billing questions. We pride ourselves in delivering helpful, accurate information to every caller to our patient call center.

Compliance Expertise

Did you know that sloppy patient privacy safeguards in billing can land you in legal trouble? It’s true. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and subsequent rules establish stringent rules regarding the use of electronic patient information. Unfortunately, compliance is not a simple thing, and it usually takes a compliance expert to make sure that your office operates within the law.

You won’t need to worry about staying compliant when you hire CPa Medical Billing to oversee your billing process. We’ll come into your office and help your staff establish procedures that will assist you in abiding by all federal, state and local patient privacy laws. Once your patient billing information arrives at CPa Medical Billing, you can rely on us to adhere to a stringent interpretation of HIPAA.

One of the reasons that compliance is such a challenging healthcare topic is that the rules evolve. We consider it our duty to stay current on everything having to do with healthcare compliance, and we make updates to our software and office procedures whenever necessary.

Accounting Services

We know that you need more than billing expertise to run a successful medical practice. You also need assistance with things like budgeting and taxes. CPa Medical Billing meets your financial services requirements by partnering with The Professional Associates to offer a comprehensive array of business-related services.

Examples of the business services that we are delighted to offer you include:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting
  • Tax planning and preparation

Along with these services, our professionals also provide a healthy amount of advice on how you can improve the business side of your practice. Do you have an idea of what you want your practice to become, but you’re unsure of how to do it? Don’t worry. We have the experience and in-depth knowledge to help you make smart financial decisions.

Contact us at CPa Medical Billing for a complete explanation of the business services that we offer and how they can help move your practice forward.

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When you begin to explore outsourcing your medical billing process, we hope that you’ll consider choosing a national medical billing services company like CPa Medical Billing. We are a small company that offers an outstanding package of services. Our expertise in insurance claims and direct patient billings, combined with in-depth knowledge in advanced business services, will undoubtedly help your medical practice to thrive.

Contact us at CPa Medical Billing for a personalized solution to all of your medical billing and other business-related needs.

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