Outsource Medical Billing

Outsource Medical Billing

Should you outsource your medical billing? We believe there are fantastic reasons why you should consider contracting with a medical billing company to handle all of your billing operations. Follow along as we point out some of /the most prominent reasons how using a billing firm like CPa Medical Billing can help position your practice for future growth.

Why Outsource Medical Billing?

We’re sure that you’ve heard quite a lot about how physician billing companies are rapidly growing within the healthcare industry. One of the main reasons that physician offices think about outsourcing their billing is that the rules and regulations surrounding healthcare billing in the United States make it extremely time-consuming to handle the physician billing in-house. Here are three ways that you’ll save time, money, and expertise by outsourcing your patient billing.

Save Time

There’s no doubt that it takes a significant amount of time to complete insurance claims and patient billing statements. The time required to correctly code public and private insurance claims have increased exponentially with the introduction of the ICD-10-CM coding system. With over sixty-eight thousand separate diagnostic codes to choose from, the individual on your office team responsible for correctly coding insurance claims can quickly become overwhelmed.

Can you imagine how much more quickly a professional medical biller who is an expert in every aspect of insurance coding can complete an insurance claim? When you outsource medical billing, you gain access to highly trained professionals who specialize in the intricacies of billing insurance providers.

A highly skilled outside billing company can also help to train your staff in the proper electronic documentation techniques that make it easier to create billing statements. Many times, your office team can make minor changes that will substantially improve the speed at which patient billing takes place.

Save Staffing Costs

Many small medical practices struggle to employ an in-house billing specialist. Top-notch medical billing professionals are in high demand, and you’ll need to offer a competitive compensation package to keep one of these billing/coding specialists on your staff. You will also save a considerable amount of time and hustle.

Outsourcing to a medical billing company, such as CPa Medical Billing, saves you the money that you would have had to spend on salary and benefits for an in-office billing specialist. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about the extra expenses that come with purchasing billing support aids like computer software and office supplies.

Experience & Knowledge

Imagine how disrupting it would be to your office billing if the person responsible for completing all of the invoices left the practice? The immediate loss of experience and knowledge to your office would take a significant amount of time to recover. This sort of nightmare scenario is commonplace today since medical billing specialists are in such high demand in the healthcare marketplace.

You won’t have that problem when you trust your billing operations to a firm that focuses entirely on medical billing. CPa Medical Billing, has a team of expert billing specialists who know all of the ins and outs of healthcare billing. Our billing team will make sure that your insurance claims and direct patient billing operates seamlessly at all times.

Contact us at CPa Medical Billing to learn about how we’ll customize a patient billing approach that fits the needs of your practice.

Outsource & Make Money

In many ways, there has never been a more challenging time to operate a medical office in the United States. The vast array of rules and regulations governing the healthcare industry make the already complex world of medical care even more complicated.

All of the complexity within the industry results in it being harder than ever to stay afloat financially. Happily, you can increase the amount of money coming into your practice each week when you outsource medical billing to a company that understands how to improve your accounts receivables.

Reduction in Billing Errors

It’s not a simple task to complete an error-free insurance claim. You can anticipate that your insurance claims and patient billing statements will be very accurate when you work with a medical billing company. Fewer errors result in speedy payments.

Dedicated Patient Call Center

A helpful way to increase the rate of patient payments is through the adoption of a dedicated patient call center. Many individuals have questions regarding their physician’s office bill, and they may hesitate to pay a statement merely because they aren’t sure about the amount to pay. We find that our patient call center increases the number of bills paid on-time. An additional benefit of a call center is that your patients will be happier since they can receive the accurate information that they need the first time they contact us.

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Make the intelligent business decision to outsource medical billing to a company that excels in all aspects of healthcare billing and financial services. CPa Medical Billing knows how to improve the cash position of your practice so that you can spend your time healing your patients.

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