Physician Billing Services

Do you want a better way to handle billing? CPa Medical Billing tells why outsourcing your physician billing services will surely grow your practice.

Physician Billing Services

You spent years in medical school, internships and residencies to learn how to heal people. Now that you practice medicine out of your own office, you must maintain strong financials so that you can continue to provide exceptional healthcare to your patients. Keep reading to find out how outsourcing your physician billing services will make giving each of your patients’ top-notch care an achievable goal.

Outsource Physician Billing Services

One thing that you’ve most likely noticed as your practice has grown is that billing insurance providers and patients for your services are not a simple procedure. Indeed, merely keeping up with the complicated world of healthcare regulations and insurance rules regarding billing can be an overwhelming challenge for your already busy office team. When you consider the additional difficulty involved in monitoring the status of all of your billing accounts, you can see why billing consumes your office.

Do you want your office team to spend most of their time talking with insurance providers about outstanding claims? Wouldn’t their time be better spent helping to ensure that each patient receives the best possible healthcare experience? Indeed, all of the long days that you spend building your practice won’t result in a stable business if you can’t combine increased revenue with patient satisfaction.

Fortunately, you can begin focusing on creating a fantastic healthcare environment for your patients when you choose to outsource your physician billing services. Unlike your office, a company like CPa Medical Billing focuses entirely on helping you to obtain payment for your services. When you hire us to handle the billing for your office, you free up your team to concentrate on delivering high-quality patient care.

What to Expect

We want you to make a confident decision to outsource the billing operations for your practice. Every practice is different, and we’ll meet with you to discuss your individual needs. Once we know how we can help, we’ll put together a plan that will help your business to thrive.

A terrific benefit of working with our relatively small medical billing company is that we don’t believe in anonymous account managers. You’ll know your medical billing specialist by name, and you can count on them to usher your billing statements and insurance claims through to completion.

Insurance Claims

A medical billing specialist who works with insurance claims must understand the coding and filing rules for a variety of public and private insurance providers. What’s more, the regulations that govern insurance claims are in constant flux, and inaccurate claims can significantly delay payment.

It takes a significant amount of education and training to master the ins and outs of insurance coding. Expert coders typically possess advanced certification. The American Association of Professional Coder oversees credentialing exams and offers continuing education classes necessary to stay current in the field. We value expertise, and our medical billing professionals have the highest levels of certification in the industry.

You can confidently rely on our experienced team to perform the following steps to make sure that your insurance claims have the best chance of successful payment:

  • Accurately code and file claims
  • Follow all applicable rules and regulations
  • Maintain contact with insurance claims examiner handling your claim
  • File appeals when necessary
  • Obtain preauthorization for scheduled medical procedures

There’s no overstating how essential insurance claims are to the financial success of your practice. There’s a decent chance that most of your revenue comes from insurance providers, and receiving prompt insurance payments can mean the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. Contact us at CPa Medical Billing for details on how we can make completing successful insurance claims a reliable source of revenue for your practice.

Patient Billing

Direct patient billing has the potential to improve your bottom line. However, when performed haphazardly, patient billing can drive patients to another doctor. Your patients lead busy lives and do not want to have to struggle to understand their medical bills.

One of the perks that come with outsourcing your physician billing services is that your patients will consistently receive accurate, on-time billing statements. Medical billing specialists know how to take a patient’s medical services information and turn it into a clear billing statement. Patients will usually pay their bills promptly when they understand the charges.

We also use a patient call center to give your patients the information that they might need to pay their bills. A friendly call center is an effective way to answer all of your patients’ concerns in a way that will continue to build on the positive patient communication that you work so hard to develop.

Our experience reminds us that one of the best ways to boost on-time payments is to concentrate on our efforts in patient communication. Along with timely billing and our active patient call center, we also monitor outstanding accounts so that we can send out reminder bills as soon as possible. Often, a friendly reminder is enough to motivate a patient to send in a payment.

Sometimes, however, we do have to use a collection agency to go after a delinquent account. We take the collections process seriously, and your medical billing specialist will stay with the overdue account until there is a resolution. We never forget that your practice depends on recovering the money owed to your office.

Contact us at CPa Medical Billing to learn about how we use improved patient communication as a surefire way to increase on-time patient payments.

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Successful physician billing services are paramount to the growth of your practice. Why not outsource this vital function to the billing experts so that you can focus on medicine? When you trust your patient billing to the billing professionals at CPa Medical Billing, your entire team will have more time to spend improving the health of your patients.

Contact us at CPa Medical Billing for a no-hassle billing consultation. We promise to listen to your billing needs and hopes for your practice so that we can develop a plan to improve both your revenue flow and the amount of time that you have to build your practice.

Physician Billing Services