Medical Billing Services: How Much Should Medical Billing Services Cost?

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Medical billing is one of the most critical functions of any medical practice. As a result, many practice managers and leaders place a high value on the effective administration of their medical billing, account receivables and overall revenue cycle management (RCM). Either you can pay full-time employees to handle your medical billing. Or, you can…

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9 Reasons Medical Practices Should Outsource Medical Billing

Outsourcing medical billing for medical practices

Medical practices are always looking for ways to save money and improve operational efficiency while delivering excellent patient care. Outsourcing medical billing is an often-over-looked path that enables practices to achieve these goals — and so much more. Established in 2003, CPa Medical Billing was created as a customer service-oriented alternative to the big national…

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Hiring a Medical Billing Company vs. Temp Agency – Everything You Need to Know

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Medical billing is a complex, time-consuming and expensive process when completed in-house. Unfortunately, employee turn-over, leaves of absence or lack of skilled talent, which have become more and more prevalent in recent years, can lead to serious shortages within a practice’s medical billing department. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to bolster your billing…

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5 Advantages of Medical Billing Outsourcing

viewing medical invoice on computer for medical billing outsourcing purposes

See why more healthcare provides are choosing to utilize medical billing outsourcing Every medical billing team understands just how important it is to process claims quickly and efficiently for reimbursement by the insurance payors, and also collect outstanding balances by sending patient statements. Failure to process medical billing claims quickly and accurately will impose a…

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8 Benefits Of Hiring A Medical Billing Company

How does outsourcing medical billing services lead to an excellent return on investment? There is never a dull moment inside most healthcare facilities. Everyone is always busy, most employees wear multiple hats, and all hands are on deck to get essential tasks completed.  Aside from dealing with patients, staff is dealing with patients’ families, verifying…

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Why Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Makes Good Financial Sense

COVID-19 revenue slumps makes medical billing more likely to be outsourced

Revenue losses derived from a decrease in patient visits drive the need for outsourced medical billing. Executive summary: Today’s healthcare teams must lower overhead costs as much as possible because patient volumes have severely decreased, and predicting exactly when they will return to higher levels is not possible. The experts at CPa Medical Billing are…

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